BladeZ T8-15ME

Editor's Rating: 8.6/10
Update: This model has been discontinued. To find a suitable replacement, check out our treadmill finder here.

The BladeZ T8-15ME is a powerful treadmill designed for serious athletes. It’s also equipped with “Motivational Entertainment” in the form of a 15” touch-screen TV. Overall, the BladeZ T8-15ME features BladeZ Fitness’s most advanced treadmill technology.

What We Like

  • TV screen: The picture and sound quality of BladeZ treadmill TVs consistently get great reviews. The T8-15ME even has an adjustable screen to accommodate users of different heights.
  • Console: BladeZ consoles are known for being both user-friendly and aesthetically appealing. All BladeZ treadmills have easy-to-press silicone keys and provide feedback about speed, distance, time, incline, calories burned, and pulse rate.
  • Convenience: The T8 Series treadmills are equipped with convenient heart rate monitors, accessory trays, and bottle holders.
  • Motor: With a powerful 3.5 HP motor, the T8 home treadmills are strong enough for institutional use.
  • Track: With a 60” track, this treadmill is long enough to fit taller users.
  • Warranty: The BladeZ T8-15ME is sold with lifetime warranties for the motor and frame. Other parts are covered by a 10-year warranty and labor is covered for two years.

What We Don’t Like

Distribution: BladeZ has not yet published its dealer list online, although it does offer dealer locations through email. It might be difficult for customers to find local repair people who are familiar with BladeZ treadmills.

Our Verdict

The BladeZ T8-15ME is a top-of-the-line treadmill that offers good value to virtually every type of exerciser. The touch-screen TV truly provides extra incentive to exercise. However, Nonetheless, since BladeZ is not alone in offering TV screens on fitness equipment.

Before purchasing a BladeZ, potential customers might want to email the company to ensure that a dealer is located nearby in case repairs are needed.

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