Cybex 525T Review

Editor's Rating: 9.2/10
Update: This model has been discontinued. To find a suitable replacement, check out our treadmill finder here.

The Cybex 525T is a long-lasting luxury treadmill for use in clubs and home gyms. It is entry level for this brand, but it’s far superior to the top treadmills from other brands. The 525T is made in the USA from heavy steel and premium parts. For tech it can stay simple with an LED screen and Smartphone/iPhone connection, or it can be upgraded with Cybex’s E3 View widescreen monitor. The E3 gives viewers a choice of entertainment, exercise and “escape” modes.

This treadmill is designed to suit most walkers and runners. It has a low 8″ step-up height and a 60″ x 20″ track with top speed of 12.4 mph. For extra challenge the track can tilt up to 15%. Preset workout modes include manual, four weight loss, four cardio, and heart rate control. These preset programs each have 10 challenge levels and automatically control the treadmill’s incline.

Another great feature is Intelligent Suspension. This is a variable cushioning system that provides the most support at push-off and the most cushioning where a trainee lands.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that custom colors are available for Cybex treadmill frames. Just about any color is possible.

What We Like:

  • Track for Runners: The Cybex 525T Treadmill has a 20″ x 60″ running surface. This is the smallest in the Cybex collection, but it’s full-sized and durably designed. It has handrails for safety.
  • Cushioning: The 525T Treadmill has IS3 Intelligent Suspension System, which is designed after what Cybex calls “the best running shoe.” Essentially this is a variable cushioning system that provides more cushioning up front and more firmness at the back of the track where a person pushes off.
  • Automated Incline: The track can be used at inclines of 0 to 15%. Incline controls are included on a cross bar for convenience.
  • Console:The display is simple yet includes all the info that most people care to know. A graphic display of the workout profile is shown via an 8 × 5 LED, and the readouts are time, calories, distance, pace, incline, speed and heart rate. Heart rate range is indicated with a multi-color monitor. Additionally the console has an Smartphone/iPhone jack. Mobile devices can be controlled with buttons on the treadmill.
  • Heart Rate: Contact and wireless heart rate monitoring are supported.
  • Programming: The presets include manual mode, four weight loss programs and four cardio programs. The weight loss and cardio programs have 10 levels each.
  • Languages:The LED monitor can be used in English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Danish, Dutch and Swedish.
  • Optional Screen: An optional high-definition E3 View HD widescreen monitor provides three distinct viewing modes on a 15.6″ screen. This premium treadmill monitor gives trainees a superior experience whether they want to focus on exercise guidance, entertainment or more fully escaping.
  • Powerful Motor — The Cybex 525T has a high-powered yet quiet 5 HP motor. It supports a high speed of 4 mph.
  • Convenience Features:Speed and incline controls are located on a cross bar. This model also has two large water bottle holders, a magazine rack and a utility tray.
  • Safety Key: A safety lanyard can be used to stop the treadmill in case of emergency.
  • High Capacity: The 525T has a 350-pound user weight capacity.
  • Color Choice:Customers get a choice of seven standard frame colors (Black Chrome, Nightstorm Black, Cumulus White, Platinum Sparkle, Arctic White, Eclipse Black and Metaltone Gold. Additionally they can choose from a wide selection of premium and custom colors.
  • Good Warranty: This expensive investment is protected with a good warranty. Commercial customers get three years of free parts replacement, one year of free labor and ten years of protection for the frame. Residential customers get an even better deal with five years of parts replacement.

Cybex 525T Treadmill - Key Specs:

Star Rating:4.6-stars
Motor:5 HP
Incline:0 - 15%
Running Area:60" x 20"
Top Speed:12.4 MPH
Weight Capacity:350 LBS
Dimensions:82" L x 34.5" W x 61.5" H
Built-In Programs:8
What We Don’t Like:

  • Price: The 525T delivers excellent value but is priced too high for many shoppers at $5,645.
  • No Fan: This treadmill lacks a fan for keeping the user cool.

Our Verdict:

The Cybex 525T Treadmill is a nice choice for light commercial gyms or at-home luxury. It isn’t as spacious as other Cybex treadmills, but it gives most people more than enough room to exercise comfortably. This model is of course most appealing with the optional 15.6-inch monitor and Cybex GO, but without those upgrades it still provides a good amount of workout support plus Smartphone/iPhone audio entertainment. If your budget is big, go for it!


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