Gold’s Gym Trainer 410 Review

Editor's Rating: 7.1 /10
This model has been discontinued.


Gold’s Gym Trainer 410 Treadmill is a popular model under the $600 price point, but with such an inexpensive cost also comes some sacrifices with quality and certain comfort and performance features. However; you did get a pair of 2 pound weights when you purchase the 410.

The 410 Treadmill’s drive system is equipped with a 2.0 CHP G-Force Motor that provides users with the ability to incline up to 10%. This model tops out at 10 mph, and both incline and speed changes can be made using the QuickSelect keys on the console. The running area is a compact 18″ wide and 50″ long, and features AirStride Plus (TM) Cushioning for joint stability and support. This model can withstand weights up to 300 pounds, and the frame features a folding design that uses the patented SpaceSaver technology.

Coming to the console area, in addition to the 2 pound weights that come with this treadmill, there is also a built-in LED lift indicator that flashes when it’s time to pick up those weights (depending on the workout program you choose). And speaking of workout programs, this model provides 8 built-in workout apps. To monitor your heart rate you can use the Dual-Grip PowerPulse (TM) heart rate monitor that’s built right in. Keep track of all of this information and choose from any of the workout programs provided via the LCD 5″ x 7″ workout matrix display screen. Other basics include water bottle holders and a reading rack.

The Gold’s Gym Trainer 410 Treadmill comes with a warranty that covers 5 years on the frame and motor, and 90-days on parts and labor.

What We Like:

  • Folding Frame Design: This model is equipped with the patented SpaceSaver Design. You can easily fold this frame up in just one step, and it securely stays in place until you’re ready to workout again. This is also a compact frame designed model so not only is it easy to store away, it’s also easy to use in smaller spaces.
  • Price: You can’t beat the $599 price tag of the Gold’s Gym 410 Treadmill. While you do compromise some special features and durability, if you are on a budget, and price is the first set of criteria on your treadmill shopping list, this could be a great starter model.
  • Weights Included: The 410 Treadmill comes with a set of 2 pound weights that are conveniently stored on the console area. You can use these weights as part of any of the built-in workout programs using the LED lift indicator that flashes when it’s time to use the weights. This can add to your overall calorie burn, and work the muscles of the upper body.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Small Running Area: While this is a compact machine, the running area is incredibly cramped at just 18″ wide and 50″ long. This is well below the average dimensions and will be an issue for taller people, or anyone who just likes space to walk, run or jog.
  • Cheap Parts: You get what you pay for, so of course for $599, this treadmill is not going to come with high-quality parts. You may experience squeaking or other noises when the treadmill is in operation, and these parts aren’t going to last too long either.
  • Lacking Console Area: The console area is very basic; again, you get what you pay for! This console lacks full audio options, a large display screen, storage space, and a cooling fan just to name a few.
  • Warranty: This model comes with only 90 days coverage on parts and labor and 5 years coverage on the frame. Not too impressive, but for the price, you can’t expect too much more than this.

Our Verdict:

If your primary goal is to save money, this treadmill might be for you. Gold’s Gym brand treadmills aren’t exactly known for durability when offered at this price point, but for a starter model that is light and compact, it’s not too bad. It does feature a folding frame which is ideal for in-home use, but keep in mind that this treadmill is constructed with cheap parts so it could be noisy when in operation. Our verdict? If you can spend a little more, we suggest you consider another treadmill by a more reputable brand that is also fairly affordable.