IMovr ThermoDesk ELITE Treadmill Desk

Editor's Rating: 8.2/10
Update: This model has been discontinued. To find a suitable replacement, check out our treadmill finder here.

IMovr’s ThermoDesk ELITE is the most advanced treadmill desk on the market. Both its height and width can be adjusted, and four memory presets make the desk easy to share. You can choose from a variety of desktop sizes and finishes too.

The ThermoDesk is manufactured in the USA. It features high quality components including Bosch motors from Germany and an extra-thick 3D laminated surface.

This adjustable treadmill desk is ready to use with any treadmill base and computer: Grommet holes are included for cable pass-through, and flush-mounted tabletop sockets are optional.

What We Like:

The IMovr ELITE deserves its name; it’s superior to other treadmill desks we’ve reviewed! Here are some attractive features:

  • Simple Assembly: This treadmill desk is easy to set up in under an hour. Attaching the legs requires no measuring or drilling, and holes are already drilled for under-the-desk components such as a keyboard tray. The desk arrives ready for cabling and is available with desktop sockets installed.
  • Installation Available: If you’d rather not assemble the desk, pay extra for White Glove service.
  • Adjustable Height and Width: The desk height can be electronically set from 23.5″ to 48.5″. You can also adjust the width between the legs. Other treadmill desks only expand to 55″ wide but the IMovr can extend to 75″. This is enough room to fit a treadmill base and an office chair side-by-side! Four desktop sizes are available.
  • Four Top Sizes: What desk top size fits best? Choose from 30″ deep by 48″, 60″, 72″ or 83″ wide. Each choice is just over 1″ thick.
  • Power Sockets: The ELITE treadmill desk is sold with optional silver powder-coated power sockets for dual AC outlets. Depending on which size desk top you choose, you’ll get one or two sockets.
  • Memory: Preferred desk widths and heights can be saved for four user profiles. In contrast, other adjustable treadmill desks require manual adjustment or only hold memory for two trainees.
  • And More Memory: You can adjust the under-the-desk components electronically too. The shelf and containers have four memory settings.
  • Color Choice: You have six color options for the desk top: white, black, gray, cherry, mahogany and maple. As described in the next point, these look surprisingly sharp.
  • Extra Thick Lamination: The IMovr ELITE treadmill desk doesn’t have a typical laminate top. Unlike standard HPL (high pressure laminate) surfaces, IMovr desktops have an extra-thick core that’s treated with a 3D lamination process. The 3D laminate looks more elegant than standard laminate, plus it’s more durable.
  • Contouring: With rounded edges, the desk top is designed for ergonomic comfort.
  • Quiet Motor: Adjusting the desk is an ultra-quiet event. (When you adjust some other desks, they creak or sound like coffee grinders.) The motor is speedy too, moving the tabletop 1.5″ per second. It’s capable of lifting up to 220 pounds.
  • Energy Efficient: This adjustable desk meets the latest national standards for energy efficiency. It draws only 1.4A under continuous lift.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: You’ll get 30 days to return the desk. However, 20% will be taken from your refund to cover shipping and refurbishing/restocking.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Slight Wait: A bit of patience is required. IMovr treadmill desks are made-to-order in Michigan. Your desk will be manufactured within 3 – 7 days. You’ll then need to wait 3 to 5 business days for delivery within the continental US.

Our Verdict:
We highly recommend the IMovr ThermoDesk ELITE for any office. The impressive qualities keep coming! Adjustable height, adjustable width, memory, a quiet motor, a great-looking finish… This innovative treadmill desk is superior to its competitors in many ways. Enjoy!

iMovR ThemoDesk ELITE treadmill desk

iMovR ThemoDesk ELITE treadmill desk closeup

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