Landice L770 Club Cardio Trainer Review

Editor's Rating: 8.0/10
Update: This model has been discontinued. To find a suitable replacement, check out our treadmill finder here.

The Landice L770 Cardio Trainer is designed for heavy commercial use. Like other Landice treadmills, it features airline-quality aluminum, a heavy duty motor, and a softer-than-grass shock absorption system. When used with the Cardio Trainer console, it includes a wide range of preset workout programs and fitness tests.

What We Like

  • Cardio Trainer Console – The Cardio Trainer console is one of Landice’s more advanced treadmill consoles. It features five preset workouts with variable time, speed, and elevation; five user-defined program slots; time, distance, and calorie goal programs; three fitness tests; two preset heart rate monitoring workouts; and two user-defined heart rate workouts. Wireless and contact heart-rate monitoring systems are included too. The display is two-color and is high-definition for easy reading.
  • High Quality Treadbelt – The Landice L770 Club Treadmill has a 58” treadbelt to let all but the tallest runners reach a full stride. The belt is made to endure: with four layers and large rollers, it’s maintenance-free even with heavy gym use.
  • Incline – The track can incline 15% to help simulate road running and provide more challenging workouts.
  • Powerful Motors – This model houses an American-made 3.0 HP (4.0 CHP) motor. The motor supports a high speed of 11 mph and can operate at top speed for 15 minutes without overheating. Additionally, the L770 Club also has a powerful secondary motor for the incline. With 1,000 pounds of thrust, it provides smooth elevation and declination even at top speeds.
  • iPod Pocket – A special iPod-sized non-slip pocket is built into the console for convenience.
  • High Capacity – The Landice L770 Club Treadmill has a 500-pound user capacity. It measures 32” wide by 75” long, so it has a large footprint to provide stability.
  • Excellent Commercial Warranty – Commercial and residential owners of the L770 Club treadmill get the following warranty package: five years on the frame, motor, and other parts plus one year of labor regardless of how much the treadmill is used. In contrast, owners of the Landice L770 LTD get a limited commercial warranty, which is only valid if the treadmill is used for less than five hours a day.

What We Don’t Like

The only apparent drawback to this unit is its large size. Some customers would prefer a smaller machine to conserve space.

Our Verdict

The Landice L770 Club Treadmill with Cardio Trainer console is a luxurious fitness machine for classy workout rooms. It offers an engaging array of exercise programs, a roomy track, heart rate monitoring, and remarkably comfortable cushioning. With its fair price and a five-year warranty on all parts, the Landice 770 Club Trainer Treadmill is a top value.

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