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Amanda Brooks
Amanda Brooks
Running Guru

Landice L8 Review

Treadmills Editorial Team | Last Updated - Aug 23, 2021
Editor's Rating: 8.1 /10

Guaranteed for a lifetime, the Landice L8 with its extra-large track is a home treadmill with commercial strength. This luxury treadmill for runners is the top residential model from Landice and identical to the L8 LTD sold to health clubs. Excellent basics include the aircraft-quality aluminum frame, a quiet industrial-grade motor, and a 22″ x 63″ running area. You get several choices for customization, too:

  • Three workout console choices
  • Standard or orthopedic shock absorption
  • Optional 19” TV
  • Short rails or medical rails
  • And much more

Specs include a 4.0 HP continuous duty motor, 0-15% power incline, and speed settings from 0.5-12 mph. The default track cushioning has been tested as five times more absorbent than grass–excellent for runners–and orthopedic cushioning is available for a $300 surcharge.

The Landice L8 features a high tech entertainment center, which includes the expected amenities of a health club treadmill including a port and grip for a mobile device, stereo speakers, a reading rack, a fan, and a bottle holder. A tablet computer bracket or TV mount can be added for an extra charge.

For workout programming, you can choose from three control panels. As described below, the premium control center offers more in terms of workout programming. You can add a tablet or television bracket at checkout.

The L8 is one of two Landice treadmills packaged with a home-use warranty. The other is the L7, which has a 20″ x 58″ track but is otherwise the same machine.

What We Like:

  • Powerful Motor: The new L8 has a US-made, 4.0 HP continuous duty drive motor. It supports sprints up to 12 mph and has a lifetime warranty.
  • Track for Runners: The Landice L8 treadmill has a 22″ x 63″ running surface. That’s extra-wide and extra-long compared with club standards. The tread belt is maintenance-free and four-ply for longevity. (Cheaper treadmills have one-ply or two-ply belts). Additionally, the track moves along premium rollers for quiet operation and durability.
  • Durable Rollers: The 3.5″ diameter, 22-pound steel rollers are built to keep your belt rolling for thousands of miles.
  • Deck Cushioning: The L8 is sold with a choice of two high-end cushioning systems. The default is VFX Shock Absorption. VFX is about five times softer than grass and very comfortable for most runners. The upgrade is orthopedic suspension, which has about seven times the shock absorption of grassy paths.
  • Power Incline: Using electric controls, the workout surface can incline to a maximum of 15%. Benefits of incline training include more challenging cardio workouts, faster calorie burn, and better muscle tone.
  • Console Selection: The choice of three control panels includes basic and deluxe options:
    • Pro Sports Control Panel – The Pro Sports console is the least expensive option delivering basic features. Its LCD window can show your progress through five preset workout programs and five custom-made workouts. The preset workouts can be adjusted for time, speed and elevation. While cheaper, the Pro Sports control panel does not save multiple user profiles.
    • Cardio Control Panel – The Cardio console is a step above the Pro Sports console. It has a traditional LCD window and is a good choice for people who will take advantage of heart rate control programs as the Cardio has two preset heart rate workouts and can save two user-defined heart rate workouts. Additionally, this control panel can deliver traditional treadmill workouts and has three fitness tests. Four users can save profiles, and the ability to save five self-designed routines reduces exercise planning time.
    • Achieve – For an extra $300 more than the Cardio Console, you can take advantage of three additional built-in programs, an extra user-defined program, and two more user-defined heart rate monitoring programs. Equipped with touch buttons and a smooth, glass interface, the console is tactile and easy to maintain.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: All versions of the L8 have wireless heart rate receivers. You can also use hand grip pulse sensors located in front of the console.
  • Extra Features: This high-end cardio trainer has amenities such as a fan, bottle holder, and USB port. Optional features include a tablet computer bracket, a VESA-D bracket capable of supporting a monitor up to 19 inches, medical rails, and orthopedic cushioning.
    • Tablet Computer and VESA-D Brackets: A tablet or VESA-D bracket makes it easy to keep your favorite apps handy, plus you can watch video if you don’t have a TV in the room.
  • Safety Features: An emergency stop button is within easy reach as you train. In case you slip, a safety lanyard can stop the machine. You can also add hospital-grade safety rails.
  • High Capacity: The L8 has a 500-pound user weight capacity. The standard for health club treadmills is 400 pounds.
  • Excellent Warranty: Landice is the only treadmill manufacturer to give lifetime warranties for home treadmill frames, parts and motors. Additionally, in-home labor is free for a year if you live within 60 miles of your dealer’s store.

Landice L8 Treadmill - Key Specs:

Star Rating:4.05-stars
Motor:4 HP
Incline:0 - 15%
Running Area:22" x 63"
Top Speed:12 MPH
Weight Capacity:500 LBS
Dimensions:83" L x 35" W x 61" H
Built-In Programs:Depends on console
What We Don’t Like:

  • Size: With its extra-large track and non-folding frame, this cardio trainer requires a lot of floor space. Its footprint measures 35″ W x 83″ L x 61″ H.
  • Price: The L8 delivers excellent long-term value – it can last a lifetime – but is priced too high for some shoppers.

Our Verdict:

The Landice L8 Treadmill is among one of the best home treadmills for runners. With a large track, comfortable cushioning, and plenty of customization options, this durable fitness machine easily earns four stars.  The cost for this machine is our major drawback.  For some residential shoppers, it could be a deal breaker.  We have heard from many people looking for a treadmill that is price point is well out of their budget. However, for those looking for a long-lasting treadmill with excellent features that can offer decades of use, the Landice L8 is a top pick.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you align the belt on the Landice L8 treadmill?

After making sure the rubber bases are installed on the feet of the treadmill, place a 2-foot carpenter's level across the tread belt both vertically and horizontally to ensure it's on a flat surface. Let the treadmill run around 3 mph, and position yourself near the foot and observe the track. If the right side miss-tracks, tighten the right-side rear tracking bolt three quarter-turns. Then, loosen the opposite side the same number of turns.

How do you oil the rollers on the Landice L8 treadmill?

Clean beneath the belt by placing a towel under it and wiping the deck. Repeat this process after a 180-degree belt rotation. Using Landice's SlipCoat lubricant, zigzag the entire packet in an s-pattern across the entire deck length. Turn on the treadmill at 2 mph, and walk on it for a few minutes to ensure the lubricant is distributed equally.