NordicTrack Commercial X32i Review

Editor's Rating: 9.9 /10
Best Buy Award(s):Incline TrainersHigh-End

This Treadmill Could Be For You If You Want:

  • Unlimited workout programs
  • Top-notch incline and decline range
  • A quiet treadmill motor that can accommodate long-distance running, interval training, and speeds up to 12 mph
  • Large, easy-to-read HD touchscreen

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TreadmillReviews Editor Using NordicTrack Commercial X32i at 40% Incline

NordicTrack’s Commercial X32i features an impressive 40% incline. This allows you to simulate steep hills in iFit programming. Photo by: Oleksandr Kosheliev /

The NordicTrack Commercial X32i is as good as it gets when it comes to incline trainers. I’m not talking about the standard 12 to 15% incline of conventional commercial treadmills here. This thing goes up to an incline of 40%, which makes it a seriously aggressive training unit. Like all NordicTrack units of late, it’s integrated with iFit, the brand’s streaming training service. Your purchase includes includes a 30-day Family Membership. This treadmill comes equipped with a 32″ touchscreen, which is among the largest for a home treadmill. Considering the interactive style of the iFit workout package, this is the height of immersive exercise technology.

With some highly advanced features and just a few drawbacks, this will be a good choice for most people if you have a sizable budget. What I really love about this treadmill is the real road experience it gives. With a very advanced deck cushioning system, it’ll feel like you’re running outside with each and every step. This makes it an ideal option for those mixing treadmill runs with outdoor runs and want to ensure their progress doesn’t take a backseat.

In terms of user comfort, the treadmill comes with dual 3″ AutoBreeze workout fans found below the screen with four levels of power. Rival units may only have one small fan with a single speed at the bottom of the console, and to this degree, the NordicTrack Commercial X321 ranks high. This treadmill also includes a heart rate monitoring chest strap, and these often more accurate than the standard handgrips on the rails. Buyers should know in advance though, this is not a foldable unit, making storage and portability more challenging. Also, at 462 lbs. in-box, it will likely require at least two people to move it around once assembled.

The NordicTrack Commercial X32i treadmill ideal for those looking to build strength because, with one simple change in positioning, you can transform it into a sled push machine, building strength while torching calories. For those seeking weight loss or muscle development, this is great news.

What We Like:

  • Solid incline capabilities. This treadmill will go from -6% decline all the way up to an impressive 40% incline, far above many treadmills out there. The higher the incline, the less stress you’ll experience on your joints and the more calories you will burn. It’s a win-win for the user. Incline walking is one of the best ways to get into great shape if you aren’t a runner at heart.
  • Powerful Motor. This treadmill comes with a 4.25 continuous horsepower motor, which is precisely what you should expect to see in a treadmill at this price range. This means the motor will stand up over time no matter what you dish out and can support multiple users per day without dying out.
  • Improved Tech. With the latest update, there’s a lot to talk about here. The machine has improved graphics processing, dual-band WiFi, and (finally) the ability to pair Bluetooth headphones.
  • Comfortable Experience. User comfort tops NordicTrack’s priority list with this treadmill model. Not only do you get a large standard-sized deck at 22 by 65 inches, but you also get their special ReflexTM cushioning system designed to provide cushioning support that saves your joints without sacrificing the real-life feel this model gives you.
  • Self Cooling. The fact that this treadmill is self-cooling will prevent it from overheating and ensure you’re able to run for longer periods of time.
  • Large Touchscreen. At 32 inches, you won’t find one much bigger than this on the market. It’s practically like using a TV to watch during your workout. This is especially nice if you use the Google Maps feature and take your runs around the world. Now you can travel without leaving your home gym.
  • Multi-User Profile. This treadmill has the capability to store up to four users in its database, making it an ideal option for a family
  • 30-day iFit Family Membership. In addition to the numerous built-in programs, it also comes with a 30-day iFit Family Membership to get you going.

NordicTrack Commercial X32i Treadmill - Key Specs:

Star Rating:4.95-stars
Running Area:22” x 65”
Top Speed:12 MPH
Weight Capacity:300 LBS
Dimensions:76.5" L x 40" W x 73" H
Built-In Programs:iFit-enabled
NordicTrack Commercial X32i iFit Programming

Using the 32-inch HD touchscreen during iFit programming, iFit programming becomes very realistic. The experience is further enhanced with a broad incline/decline range. Photo by: Oleksandr Kosheliev /

What We Don’t Like:

  • Low Weight Capacity. The biggest drawback to this machine is that it only has a 300 lb. weight capacity. This is relatively low for a machine of a higher caliber, so, if you’re a larger individual, you may want to opt for a different machine. Even a 200 lb. user may want to look into a higher model as they will likely find it more stabilized as they run.
  • No media shelf. Because the screen is so large, it doesn’t leave room for an additional media shelf.
  • Average warranty. With recent changes, NordicTrack’s warranties have dropped lower than I would like to see, especially given the cost of machines like this one. With 10 years for the frame, two years for parts, and one year for labor, this warranty is pretty low relative to the price.
  • Expensive. At $4,499, the X32i is a bit pricey.
  • Screen gets wobbly. When running at faster speeds, the large screen does tend to slightly wobble.

TreadmillReviews Editor Running on NordicTrack X32i

Aside from the -6 to 40% incline, the X32i features a speed range of 0-12 mph. Here, TreadmillReviews editor engages in HIIT training made easy with OneTouch controls. Photo by: Oleksandr Kosheliev /

Our Verdict:

All in all, the NordicTrack Commercial X32i is an excellent option for those hoping to see great results from their workout program and need a little extra guidance to get them going. With its large screen, interactive workouts, and overall ease in use, it’s a top-tier product.

With such a strong motor coupled with four user profiles, it’s also a terrific option for families to consider as it should hold up to continuous use very well. As long as you aren’t a larger individual, you should have no problem using this treadmill to crush your fitness goals.

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  • Broad incline/decline of -6 to 40%
  • Powerful, 4.25 CHP motor
  • Large, 32-inch HD touchscreen
  • 30-day iFit Family Membership trial
  • Large screen tends to wobble at high speeds
  • Short warranty
  • Expensive

What’s Changed For This Year
Each year, manufacturers upgrade select models. Larger screens, stronger motors, and better tech are common changes. Occasionally you will see two treadmills with the same name on the manufacturer’s site, which is confusing enough for us treadmill experts, let alone a new consumer. Below is a quick breakdown of what’s new on the latest version of the X32i.

New for 2022

  • AUTOADJUST™: Live control access allows iFit trainers to remotely adjust the incline/decline features throughout workout.
  • Google Maps: Plan out specific routes anywhere around the globe, a great tool for event training.

New for 2021 (November 2020 release)

  • Updated HD Touchscreen: Improved processing and dual-band WiFi compatibility will ensure a more seamless video experience when following along with live or streaming workout classes.
  • New Mobile App: iFit is now also available as a mobile app for your smartphone.
  • Quiet Drive Incline Tech: The incline drivers on the X32i are smoother and quieter than ever and allow for more precise control during instructor-led classes. Quieter is always better, especially when you need to follow guidance/instruction.
  • Bluetooth Upgrade: Previously, you could use Bluetooth to pair your phone to your treadmill, allowing you to listen to your own playlists while working out. Now, you can pair your Bluetooth headphones so you can listen to your instructor without disturbing the whole house.
  • Expanded iFit Offer: In previous years, NordicTrack treadmills would come with an individual iFit membership. For 2021, these memberships have been upgraded to the Family Membership, perfect for households with multiple runners.
  • Faster Processing: With dual 2.4 GHz and GHz Wi-Fi connectivity and updated Android 9 OS, the treadmill offers faster and better options on all fronts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch Netflix or TV on the NordicTrack Commercial X32i? (looks like it's only designed for iFit and has no HDMI)

The X32i does not have an HDMI, so if other programming is desired a user would have to use a different screen.

How much does the NordicTrack X32i weigh?

About 450 lbs once assembled.

Can I place the NordicTrack X32i on a second floor of a house?

At 450 lbs, the best way to get it upstairs would be to carry it there before assembly.

Is the NordicTrack Commercial X32i a quiet treadmill?

Yes, the 4.5 CHP motor is powerful but much quieter than some of its rivals.

Does the NordicTrack Commercial X32i fold up?

No, this is not a foldable treadmill.

How is NordicTrack's customer service?

I've personally used NordicTrack's online chat, and they responded within minutes and were very helpful.