Precor 9.33

Editor's Rating: 8.6/10
This model has been discontinued.

A Premium Treadmill with Personal Best Tracker

The high-end Precor 9.33 treadmill is an upgrade to the 9.31. It’s distinguished by the addition of another user profile, double the preset workouts, and advanced tracking to help you meet or exceed your personal best.  As with the 9.31, a ten-year parts warranty and reversible deck make this a product for the long haul. Others highlights include footplant technology, variable cushioning, and both touch and wireless telemetry. The treadmill locks for safety.

What We Like:

  • Footplant technology: Precor’s Integrated Footplant technology synchronizes the treadmill’s movement with your own motion; sensors help the motor adjust hundreds of times per second to reduce drag. This eases the demand on your body and helps you make the most of each aerobic workout.
  • Track cushioning: Ground Effects Impact Control technology is Precor’s advanced cushioning. It further reduces the risk of fatigue and helps prevent injury by providing extra support at the track’s point of push-off and thicker cushioning in the landing zone.
  • Track incline: Incline training is the new popular way to make the most of workouts. The Precor 9.33 treadmill track can be tilted up to 15% to help you recruit more muscle, burn calories more quickly and relieve strain on your knees.
  • Motor: A quiet treadmill motor is essential to pleasant home workouts. The 9.33 has a discreet, commercial-quality 3.0 HP continuous duty motor with ten-year warranty.
  • Programming: Sixteen preset programs provide great variety as you tackle goals for endurance, weight loss and heart health. The titles are Heart Rate, Interval, Manual, Random, Weight Loss, 1 Mile, 10K, 5K, Run (x3), Walk (x3) and Custom (x2). A user-friendly LED screen displays multiple types of workout data at once.
  • Low maintenance: Choose a Precor treadmill for easy care. The tracks are treated with dry silicone lubrication, which means you won’t need to add lubricating fluid every few months as you would with cheap treadmills. Plus, Precor frames are expertly welded so that you won’t suffer squeakiness or need to adjust loose bolts.
  • Reversible deck: For double the lifespan, flip the deck!
  • Warranty: The 9.33 is sold with a lifetime frame warranty, ten years of parts protection and one year of labor.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Medium track length: The 56” track length isn’t long enough for tall runners, except possibly when they use the incline. However, it is extra-wide (22”) to accommodate wider trainees.
  • Heavy weight: This product weighs 360 pounds. Heft has its advantages, but keep the size in mind if you frequently switch apartments. Precor does include delivery and assembly in the product price.

See more features of the Precor 9.33 Treadmill on Video!

Our Verdict:

The 9.33 is one of our favored Precor treadmills. Unlike the 9.31, it has plenty of programming to help justify its high price. You’ll get at least a decade’s worth of excellent physical training with the combination of advanced track cushioning, footplant technology, wireless telemetry and workout variety.

You might prefer the “ultimate Precor” instead. The next step up from the 9.33 treadmill is the top-of-the-line 9.35. For about $500 more you’ll get a similar unit with more workouts, more types of workout feedback, and a slight decline in addition to the 15% incline. In all we give this treadmill 4.5 stars.

Precor 9.33 Treadmill Review

Precor 9.33 Treadmill Console

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