ProForm 8.0 ZT Treadmill

Editor's Rating: 4.3/10
This model has been discontinued.

The 8.0 ZT ranks among ProForm’s lowest-priced treadmills and it shows. Highlights include ProForm’s SpaceSaver design, an iFit card reader, and built-in heart rate sensors. Lowlights include disappointing specs that will certain limit the lifespan of this machine. ProForm is clearly aware since this treadmill’s warranty is shorter than that of other ProForm treadmills that cost just a bit more.

What We Like

  • Motor: The 2.25 CHP Mach Z motor is strong enough to support daily jogs with  a top speed of 10 mph. This should primarily be used as a walking treadmill though.
  • Workout programs: With Quick Workout Apps, users simply enter time, distance, and desired range for customized workouts. On top of that, 12 workout programs are built into the 8.0 ZT. The machine is also equipped with an iFit card reader, which allows for more personal training workouts to be loaded onto the console.
  • Heart monitor: Pulse sensors are included on the handlebars.

What We Don’t Like

  • Smaller belt: The belt is just 18” wide and 55” long. Most treadmill belts are at least 20” wide. This will make using the treadmill uncomfortable for some trainees.
  • Lighter capacity: This unit has a relatively light max capacity of 250 pounds.
  • Warranty package: The ProForm 8.0 ZT has a seven-year motor warranty and a deeply disappointing 90-day warranty on parts and labor.

Watch Our Video Review Of The ProForm 8.0 ZT Treadmill!

Our Verdict

The ProForm 8.0 ZT is a budget treadmill that will help tiny beginners enjoy light cardio training at home. Make no mistake, the short parts warranty is a red flag. ProForm treadmills with much better warranties and more enticing features cost just a few hundred dollars more. This machine is unlikely to last very long and will accommodate only a small selection of trainees. We can’t in good conscience recommend this treadmill unless you find it at a ridiculously low price and intend to treat the machine as disposable.

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