ProForm 980 Audio Trainer

Editor's Rating: 8.2/10
Update: This model has been discontinued. To find a suitable replacement, check out our treadmill finder here.

The ProForm 980 Audio Trainer Treadmill is an upgraded model, the 985, has also been offered at a substantial discount.

What We Like

  • Compact design: Like most other ProForm treadmills, the 980 folds vertically to save space.
  • Motor: ProForm takes power seriously. The 980 Audio Trainer boasts a Mach Z 2.25 HP commercial-quality motor.
  • Workout programs: The 980 is equipped with 16 iFit workout programs and an iFit card reader. Each iFit card contains eight weeks of personal training. With iFit training programs, users listen to a famous personal trainer and exercise as the treadmill automatically adjusts its incline and decline to support workout goals.
  • Audio capability: An iPod-compatible audio port and built-in Intermix Acoustics 2.0 sound system helps to keep exercisers entertained.
  • Cushioning: ProStride cushioned tracks can be adjusted by each user to attain the preferred balance between support and cushioning.
  • Warranties: This closeout unit comes with a decent warranty package. Buyers get a lifetime warranty on the frame and parts plus one year of coverage for other parts and labor.

What We Don’t Like

  • Track length: The 55” track length is best suited to walkers and shorter runners.


Our Verdict

The “Audio Trainer” name is a bit misleading; most home treadmills, including entry-level models, now include comparable audio systems. However, the combination of a durable motor, a track with adjustable cushioning, music, and iFit training earn this machine a high rating.

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