Labor Day Treadmill Sales Tips

labor-day-treadmill-sales-dealsThe Labor Day holiday time is prime for early birds to score treadmill deals. Shopping early in the week leading up to Labor Day Weekend is recommended; Labor Day treadmill sales sometimes end early. Items sell out online and in stores, and treadmill manufacturers wait until late autumn to ramp up production.

The Labor Day treadmill discounts are enticing, but not every advertised “deal” is a true bargain. It’s common in the fitness equipment industry for MSRPs to be set artificially high so that manufacturers and retailers can show dramatic price drops. Besides that, a deeply discounted treadmill might have some troubles you’d rather not bring home! Reading our treadmill reviews can help you get a sense of reasonable prices and the quality to expect from hundreds of treadmill models.

To help you shop the Labor Day treadmill sales, here are three important questions we suggest asking yourself when choosing your new cardio trainer.

1. How large can the treadmill be? Before you start shopping the treadmill sales, get the dimensions of your workout area. In our treadmill reviews and on sales pages you’ll see the footprint measurements for different machines. The popular NordicTrack Commercial 1750, for example, is a typical size at 76″ long and 38.5″ wide. When calculating whether you have enough floor space, add at least 3″ for clearance on the sides of the treadmill and 8″ for clearance behind the track. In commercial settings more clearance may be needed to meet legal regulations.

You might find that a foldable treadmill is best for your home workout space. If it might be then see our top picks for the best folding treadmills.

2. To run or not to run? Walkers and runners have different minimum requirements for treadmills. Walkers and short runners can be happy with a 55″ long track, but tall runners might want to stretch out on a 60″ alternative. Motor power and cushioning are also areas in which walkers can save money but runners shouldn’t compromise. The standard for runners’ treadmills on sale for Labor Day this year is 3.0 CHP (continuous horsepower). If the treadmill will get heavy use (from an avid runner, multiple users or a heavy person) then investing in extra motor power can be wise.

3. How important is workout programming? Treadmill workout programming can be the key to a trainee’s success. With preset routines that change the treadmill’s speed and incline, the programming takes the guesswork out of training and helps ensure that each session is efficient. Treadmills vary wildly though in terms of how much programming they offer. Some of the choices featured in Labor Day treadmill sales have fewer than 10 preset workouts while others support literally infinite program variety with the help of a wifi connection.

The better the workout programming and display, the more expensive the treadmill. Often the low-priced treadmills with great programming are substandard in other areas, but during Labor Day treadmill sales you’ll find many exceptions.

Virtual workout experiences are available with many treadmill brands. One example is the interactive videos in the Virtual Active series. These videos let trainees virtually exercise in scenic destinations with ambient sound. Depending on the treadmill, the sights and sounds can stream through a home TV or the treadmill’s built-in display. A more widespread platform used for interactive workouts is iFit. iFit integrates Google Maps topography data and Google Street View to let trainees virtually train along any real-life route they choose. Treadmills with iFit technology let iFit subscribers download new Google Maps workouts any time, plus iFit provides more traditional but customized workout routines as well as video workouts created by some of the world’s leading personal trainers.

Year-Round Treadmill Deals

Certain treadmills are best buys just about anytime. See our favorite treadmills in your price range and compare them with the Labor Day treadmill sale selection. Our links lead to our free in-depth reviews and the manufacturers’ treadmill sale pages.

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