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Our Top 3 Best Treadmills

These were selected as the best treadmills based on customer satisfaction, durability, features and price:

Upgraded for 2019, the popular NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill is more powerful and engaging than ever. Its 10" smart HD touchscreen lets you access 50 built-in workout apps and surf the web -- plus...

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Recently updated, the club-quality Sole F80 Folding Treadmill has become even roomier and more powerful than it was at debut. It also has an enhanced 9" display and can securely dock a tablet...

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This Treadmill Could Be For You If:

  • You are motivated by leaderboards and video-based interactive coaching
  • Have limited space in which to work out at home
  • Are already a follower/user of Echelon Fit Connect programming on other equipment
We knew this was coming, and it has finally arrived. Meet the Echelon Stride—the brand's first entry into the treadmill space, and one that leverages the same qualities and values as the brand's line of indoor cycles, rowing machines, and video workout mirrors. Looking at this unit, there's a lot to consider. On one hand, its clever folding design is much more compact than most other treadmills on the market right now, giving it an upper hand for folks in smaller spaces. On the other hand, Smaller rollers, a less powerful motor, lack of built-in touchscreen, and and a smaller running track compared to competitors like the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 mean that this unit makes some serious compromises as a trade for its portability and stowing capability.   Now some of you might be saying this comparison isn't fair, as the Echelon Stride is priced at $1,338.99 and the NordicTrack is $1,799, but those listed prices aren't as clear as you'd make them out to be. First of all, the NordicTrack 1750 comes with a year if iFit Membership, which is their version of a streaming training service. To get the Echelon stride with a year's membership (prepaid), you have to tack on the $399.99 annual membership, making the Echelon Stride $1738.98—basically on par with the NordicTrack. With that consideration in mind we have to say that the value proposition isn't great here.   That said, the Echelon Stride is very much the type of unit that's perfectly suited to a very specific demographic. Being smaller and easier to tuck away than the NordicTrack is a big selling feature for the urban apartment dweller, there's no question there. Up against a wall, the unit will only take up a 10-inch by roughly 2-foot footprint in your space. it can also tuck under your bed so long as you have about 10 or 11 inches of clearance to slide it under. This cannot be said for its competition. With those considerations, one does have to consider how frequently they intend to use their machines, and how motivated they will be. It's easy to fall into that 'out of sight, out of mind' trap, meaning that once the treadmill is hidden it becomes easier to ignore.  

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The ProForm PRO 9000 shows off ProForm's latest technology by combining space efficiency with top-notch features like iFit Coach, a great sound system, and a track that inclines and declines.

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Popular treadmill Brands

Here are just a few of the most popular and best treadmill brands:


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