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Justin Mastine-Frost | Last Updated - Dec 1, 2021

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If you’re on the hunt for a new home treadmill, there are a few key features you should be looking out for. The best home treadmills are conveniently sized, powered by strong motors, and equipped with features that deliver valuable workout guidance, fitness monitoring, and entertainment. As the treadmill is going to be in your home at all times, it’s a good idea to prioritize machines that you think are versatile enough to meet all of your household members’ fitness needs whilst also being quiet enough to operate without disturbing anyone too much.

Not sure where to start your search? We’ve rounded up the best home treadmills on the market today, taking into consideration key factors such as price, performance, and special features. If you’re looking for a specific type of machine–such as the best model for interactive streaming or the top model for incline training–we’ve picked out the standout treadmill in that category to help further streamline your search. Prefer to do a bit more research before you shop? Scroll down to learn exactly what to look for when shopping for a new home treadmill.

1. Best Overall Home Treadmill – NordicTrack 1750

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For those wanting to enjoy streaming training classes on a reputable and well-built treadmill, the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 is a fantastic choice. This treadmill is a true all-rounder in terms of value, durability, and features, making it a perfect fit for a household with people of different fitness abilities and workout preferences. You won’t find another treadmill with these specs and features for the same low price.

Key features include: a smooth and quiet 3.75 CHP motor which powers a 15% incline and 3% decline to tone your lower body; a 10″ HD iFit-enabled touchscreen (with a free 1-month iFit membership included) for interactive training and stats tracking; and Bluetooth audio for you to listen to all your favorite workout playlists. New features for the 2021 model include a Quiet Drive Incline Technology, which helps ensure the unit is a quiet treadmill. Although it’s the cheapest model in NordicTrack’s current Commercial Series, it doesn’t sacrifice quality or features for the affordable price. Use it for gentle walking or long-distance running, and continually mix up your workout routine with the help of iFit. Entertainment, performance and affordability meet in the NordicTrack Commercial 1750, making it our top pick. If you want to bring a high-quality treadmill into your home for all the family to enjoy, the Commercial 1750 is an excellent choice that will keep you all motivated and challenged for many years to come. See our in-depth review of the NordicTrack Commercial 1750.


  • Powerful Motor
  • iFit-enabled Touchscreen
  • Easy Folding
  • Assembly
  • Shorter Warranty

Key Specs

Motor3.75 CHP
Incline-3 — 15%
Running Area22″ x 60″
Top Speed12 MPH
Weight Capacity300 LBS
Dimensions81.25″ L x 39.25″ W x 62.75″ H
Screen10″ Smart HD Touchscreen
Warranty10-Year Frame, 2-Year Parts, 1-Year Labor

2. Best Home Treadmill Runner-Up – Sole F80

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Coming in with consistently high rankings across all categories, treadmill shoppers are no stranger to the Sole F80.  Great news for big families or those with friends, the unit is sporting a maximum user weight of 375 pounds, brings a rock-solid warranty, and Sole has a reputation for service. Another big plus is the Cushion Flex Whisper Deck which reduces joint impact by 40%. It’s not hard to understand why the Sole F80 actually made the list of best home treadmills of 2021.

Some of the Sole F80’s stellar highlights include: a roomy 22″ by 60″ running deck suitable for all the family; a commercial-standard 3.5 HP motor which can support running as well as walking; and a power incline up to 15% to sculpt your lower body. For entertainment and workout stats tracking you will have a 9″ LCD display with 10 preset programs so you can diversify your training and a built-in tablet holder to dock your device and Bluetooth connectivity for audio and stats tracking. Sole recently launched a brand new connected fitness experience powered by the popular Studio app. This integration takes the at-home workout to new levels of social engagement with professionally-led workouts complete with real-time data.

Like to monitor your fitness progress? You can track your stats through the free Sole Fitness app and sync this workout data to your favorite fitness app like Fitbit, Record, or Apple Health. Studio app The F80 caters to a range of fitness abilities and types of training, so it’s a solid option to bring home for all the family to enjoy. See our detailed review of the Sole F80.

  • Roomy running deck
  • 3.5 HP motor
  • Low Impact
  • Top Notch Warranty
  • Limited Workout Variety
  • Short Side Rails
  • Smaller screen means users will most likely user their own device

Key Specs

Motor3.5 HP
Incline0 — 15%
Running Area22″ x 60″
Top Speed12 MPH
Weight Capacity375 LBS
Dimensions82″ L x 37″ W x 66″ H
Screen9″ LCD
WarrantyLifetime Frame, Motor, Deck; 5 Years Electronics & Parts; 2 Years Labor

3. Best Budget Home Treadmill for Streaming Classes – Horizon 7.4 AT

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If you are looking for a home treadmill that supports interactive training but doesn’t break the bank, check out the Horizon 7.4 AT. It puts an unlimited variety of interactive training options at your fingertips. When different family members hop onto the machine they can tune into their preferred interactive training app rather than being closed into one option. So, how does it work? Although it’s a bring-your-own-tech treadmill (so you have to connect your own tablet or smartphone for interactive training), this is actually a good call on Horizon’s part when it comes to value and versatility. Not only does it keep the cost down as you are using your own screen, but it also means that you can tune into any fitness app including the Peloton app on your own device. When using a third-party app such as Peloton, Daily Burn or Aaptiv on the 7.4 AT, it’s worth noting that you won’t be able to see your real-time stats on-screen. You can connect the 7.4 AT to the free AFG Pro Fitness app to control your treadmill from your tablet and monitor your stats from there, but the third-party apps don’t interface with the treadmill. Although you won’t have access to your real-time stats during the workout program on your screen, this is a sacrifice we’re willing to make for the affordable price and the fact that you’re not restricted to one app for interactive training.

As well as unlimited interactive streaming options (which Horizon offers discounts on), other highlights include: an easy-to-fold-frame; powerful 3.5 CHP motor which can keep pace with interval training; a roomy 60″ by 22″ track; Bluetooth heart-rate monitoring; and preset programs including Sprint 8 training program, a HIIT training program for runners. You get a lot of bang for your buck with the Horizon 7.4 AT, especially if you and the rest of your household members want to try a variety of interactive training apps. See our detailed review of the Horizon 7.4 AT.

  • Ortho-lite belt design
  • Plenty of built-in programs
  • Variety of training programs
  • Small screen
  • Requires a tablet

Key Specs

Motor3.5 HP
Running Area22″ x 60″
Top Speed12 MPH
Weight Capacity350 LBS
Dimensions76″ L x 37″ W x 63″ H
Screen8.25″ LCD
WarrantyLifetime Frame, 5-Year Parts, 2-Year Labor

4. Best for Walkers – Sole F63

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Looking for a top-quality walking treadmill under $1,000? The Sole F63 is a solid choice and it comes with a stellar warranty to match. The warranty itself demonstrates the brand’s confidence in the machine, and includes lifetime coverage on the frame and motor; three years on the parts, deck, and electronics; and one year on labor. At just $999, the Sole F63 offers a range of commercial-grade treadmill components. These include a 2-ply belt designed for durability, advanced deck cushioning to reduce the impact of your routines, 2.5″ track rollers, and a heavy-duty motor. There aren’t any flashy high-tech extras on the F63 such as a big touchscreen, but you are guaranteed durability, quality, and enough workout programming and stats tracking capabilities to keep you motivated and challenged.

The Sole F63 features: a 3.0 CHP motor that supports up to 15% incline; a roomy 60″ running surface; wireless heart-rate monitoring capability; and 10 onboard training programs to diversify your training. You can keep on top of your stats on the F63’s 6.5″ LCD. It works with Sole’s free fitness app for stats tracking and data sharing, allowing you to sync your data to your favorite fitness apps. See our detailed review of the Sole F63.

  • High-Quality Parts
  • Cushioning
  • Easy Folding
  • Entry Level
  • Slower Acceleration

Key Specs

Motor3.0 CHP
Incline0 — 15%
Running Area20″ X 60″
Top Speed12 MPH
Weight Capacity325 LBS
Dimensions82″ L x 35″ W x 66″ H
Screen6.5″ LCD
WarrantyLifetime Frame & Motor; 3 Years Deck, Electronics, Parts; 1 Year Labor

5. Best Home Treadmill for Incline Training –  NordicTrack X22i

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Incline training is a great way to sculpt your lower body while diversifying your workout routine. If you’re looking for a treadmill that supports incline training while keeping you entertained, check out the X22i by NordicTrack. It can hit a remarkable incline of 40% (and 6% decline), taking your training up a notch beyond what many other treadmills on the market offer. As you’re watching iFit routines on the 22” Smart HD Touchscreen (with a free 1-year iFit Family membership), the incline and decline will automatically change in line with the Google Maps trail or iFit workout you are tuned into. With this dramatic an incline, it’s a truly immersive and entertaining workout experience.

Other highlights include: a powerful 4.0 CHP motor; 44 onboard workout programs; iFit Bluetooth chest strap included for wireless heart-rate monitoring; and Bluetooth audio capabilities. The X22i offers total-body training, so it’s good for a home treadmill as you are essentially getting to train your full body with one machine. If you’re looking for an immersive and motivating way to start incline training at home, the X22i won’t disappoint. See our detailed review of the NordicTrack X22i.

  • Dramatic Incline
  • iFit Training (free for a year)
  • Chest Strap included
  • Have to pay for iFit after your free year is up

Key Specs

Motor4.0 CHP
Incline-6% – 40%
Running Area22” x 60”
Top Speed12 MPH
Weight Capacity300 LBS
Dimensions70” L x 39” W x 72.5” H
Screen22” Smart HD Touchscreen
Warranty10-Year Frame, 2-Year Parts, 1-Year Labor

Want to compare these models to see which one is best for you? Try our comparison tool. To use it, just check off any treadmill you want to look at in more detail and then click ‘compare’. Learn more about what to look for when shopping for a new home treadmill below.

What to Look for When Shopping for a New Home Treadmill

Comparing Home Treadmills

If you’ve already started searching for a new home treadmill you’ll know that there’s a huge array of options on the market. Some of the top home treadmills can help you plan out your menu for the week, let you explore a running trail halfway across the world and much more. There’s no question about it, treadmills are becoming more advanced and interactive than ever. If you’re not really bothered about owning a high-tech treadmill with all the latest and greatest gadgets built-in, don’t worry. There’s plenty of no-fuss treadmills on the market that ensure fine-tuned classic features, affordability, and durability are the top priorities. This list covers both options, so whatever you’re on the hunt for, we’ve got you covered. Choosing the right treadmill for you is important and not a decision you should rush. It could make or break whether you do or don’t commit to your fitness routine during the months ahead.

Will You Walk or Run on Your Treadmill?

One of the first questions you should ask yourself when searching for a treadmill is whether you plan to use it for walking or running. While many treadmills can easily accommodate both types of exercise, if you are just planning on walking you could save a few dollars by opting for a less advanced model, without sacrificing the quality of your workout. If you are planning on using your treadmill to run however, you should look for treadmills with higher horsepower to ensure your machine doesn’t falter out on you mid-workout. Think of what you enjoy and what makes you feel comfortable when you run. You’ll need a machine that can handle high speeds and shifts in speed without any issues, as well as a belt that’s large enough to accommodate your natural running stride so you don’t feel closed in. If you do plan on running, we recommend that you choose a 3.0 CHP motor at minimum to provide you with the support and features you need. What’s more, machines with higher motor power usually require less maintenance which is a huge plus for any treadmill owner regardless of the type of exercise they do. Treadmills designed for walking simply don’t offer these features. It’s important to keep in mind that if you do run on a treadmill that is primarily designed for walking, it’s going to wear out rather quickly.

What’s a Good Treadmill Size for Your Home?

When you’re shopping for a new treadmill it’s also important to think about what size of machine you would like and the space it will occupy in your home. You’ll typically find that home treadmills are designed with space-saving features in mind and are much smaller and more compact than those found in commercial gyms. A standard home-treadmill footprint is around six feet long and three feet wide, so those looking to buy one should test and plan for those measurements being in your home to ensure you have the room. If you don’t, you should opt for a folding or more compact treadmill to work in your smaller space.

  • Folding Treadmills are an ideal option for those that want to save space, and thankfully are now available in a variety of different quality levels and price ranges. In the past, there were only very cheap or very expensive folding treadmills on the market, but we’re now seeing the variety of folding treadmills increase each year. It’s important to keep in mind however, that when in use, the best folding treadmills do need as much space as regular treadmills; you only save storage space when the treadmill is not in use. This design feature allows you to fold up your machine to free up floor space for your post-cardio strength training or to keep your treadmill out of sight after use.
  • Treadmill alternatives should be considered if saving space is a top priority for you. These are unique machines that take up very little space and typically combine the action of a treadmill, elliptical, and stepper to give you a great all-round, non-impact workout. These types of machines can be found at both moderate and high price points and can be a great match for those who are really tight on space or those looking for a low-impact workout.

Looking for a Treadmill with an Extra Challenge?

Another feature to consider when shopping for a home treadmill is whether or not it has a power incline and/or decline. The top treadmills with inclines have a steep maximum slope that allows you to walk or jog uphill, adding intensity and variation to your workout. In order to do this they require powerful motors that can shift the deck to an upwards slant and quickly change direction depending on what the user or preset selects. There’s a whole host of benefits you can gain with this feature. Some of these are physical, as when you add incline to your workout you watch your calorie burn soar, your muscles work harder, and your body receive fitness results faster. What’s more, using incline is a great way to stay motivated as it allows you to add a new dimension to your workouts and to mix up your exercise routine. Users can get even more out of the incline feature if they work out with an interactive app such as iFit in which the incline syncs with the elevations and dips of different terrains and landscapes around the world, bringing your walk, jog or run in that specific location to life.

Want Lots of Workout Support and Feedback?

The best home treadmills on the market provide plenty of built-in training programs to help keep your workout routine varied and allow you to monitor your progress. These programs let you save time on workout setup and are designed by certified personal trainers to ensure high-quality workout sessions. If you want more options, most modern, top-of-the-range treadmills have wireless connectivity for downloading new workouts and automatically tracking workout statistics. You can also explore apps to use with your machine such as iFit, which works with the top choices on the list above. iFit is one of the most popular online platforms for workout programs and fitness stats tracking. Monitoring progress and getting feedback from your workouts is key for any type of exerciser. You can attain many types of feedback from your workout including time, distance, speed, calories, pulse and much more. Metrics and stats are usually shown on-screen during your workout so you can monitor your stats in real time. The screens on some of the top treadmills for 2021 have touch technology and start at about 7″ wide or larger. Although it may seem like a luxury feature, touch technology makes it much easier to use the console and view your workout stats or switch between built-in workouts when you’re in motion.

Which Treadmill Extras Matter to You?

Special features on this year’s best home treadmills range from built-in workout programs to touch screens to tablet holders. You can find all of these features and more on the treadmills described above, and these are only machines in the moderate price range! Shoppers who are ready to shell out for even more luxury features can get treadmills with extra-large touch screens and other classy amenities. 

Find Your New Home Treadmill

With so many brands competing for your attention, choosing a home treadmill can feel a little overwhelming. Hopefully this advice along with our treadmill comparison tool have helped you to streamline your search. Looking for more help on how to pick the right treadmill for you? Check out our best treadmills of the year to explore a wide range of balanced treadmills along with some more guidance on choosing the right machine for your workout needs.


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Our favorite overall treadmill for home use is the NordicTrack Commercial 1750. This treadmill is powerful, fun to use with iFit Coach, and priced right. Read our full review to see everything this treadmill has to offer!


There are many things to consider when purchasing a treadmill, such as your budget, your fitness goals, and how much space you have in your home. Some key features to look for when shopping for a treadmill are workout programs, speed settings, incline/decline settings, belt size, and folding options.


Noise levels will vary by treadmill, but in general, treadmills are not too loud. You can certainly have a treadmill in an apartment without bothering your neighbors. If noise and vibration are a concern, you can place a shock-absorption mat underneath your treadmill to prevent vibration and sound from travelling.

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