Best Treadmills for Walkers

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Sometimes the simplest form of exercise is the best. When hunting for a walking treadmill, there are a number of points to consider as the usage will be vastly different than for marathon training. The best treadmills for walkers are conveniently sized, fold up easily, and are equipped with features to support user satisfaction. Whereas treadmills built for long-distance runners require longer running surfaces and high-powered motors, machines for walkers tend to be smaller, and some can fit beneath a desk.

The search begins here with our round-up of the best treadmills for walkers on the market today. We’re considering key factors such as price, warranty, performance, and added features. We’ve also included our pick of the best desk for treadmill walkers to use while exercising. As with any piece of exercise equipment, price can vary widely depending on how many bells and whistles one desires. Typically, customers seeking walking treadmill are less interested in the showy features and prefer stability and durability.

It is true that some crossover variables do exist between shopping for walking treadmills and treadmills in general. For more information on the general How-To’s of picking a home treadmill, read our review of what to look for when shopping for a new home treadmill.

Top by Category

Best Overall Walking Treadmill – Sole F63
Best Walking Treadmill on a Budget – Horizon T101
Best Under the Desk Walking Treadmill – Lifespan TR1200-GlowUp
Best Walking Treadmill Desk – Lifespan TR5000-DT7 Treadmill Desk
Smallest Footprint – ProForm City L6

1. Best Overall Walking Treadmill – Sole F63

Sole F63 treadmill front view
Where to buy Sole F63
Where to buy Sole F63

Consistently ranked among the best treadmills around, the Sole F63 brings a top-tier warranty and great price-point to the market. Built with a 3.0 HP motor capable of delivering speeds up to 12 mph, the machine offers deck cushioning to reduce impact by up to 40%. Serving as the entry-level treadmill of the Sole lineup, the F63 is rated a “Best in Class” across many categories, including walking treadmills. With commercial-grade components and 15 levels of incline, customers are guaranteed a solid experience for life.

Among the Sole F63’s many highlights include a folding frame, a solid 20- x 60-inch running deck, and maximum user weight of 325 pounds. Walkers can use the 10 built-in programs in conjunct with the 6.5-inch LCD screen. Equipped with pulse grips in the handlebars, the unit also comes with a chest strap for heart rate monitoring, and it is Bluetooth-enabled. With an integrated tablet-holder, users can always opt to affix their own personal device to the treadmill and incorporate a separate workout app, or use the Sole Fitness app and sync up with Apple Health or others. Priced at $999, the budget-friendly Sole F63 is tough to turn down when shopping for walking treadmills. See our detailed review of the Sole F63.

  • High-Quality Parts
  • Easy Folding
  • Low Impact
  • Lifetime warranty on frame and motor
  • Limited Workout Variety
  • Relatively small screen

Key Specs

Motor3.0 HP
Incline0 — 15
Running Area20″ x 60″
Top Speed12 MPH
Weight Capacity325 LBS
Dimensions82″ L x 35″ W x 66″ H
Screen6.5″ LCD
WarrantyLifetime Frame, Motor, Deck; 3 Years Electronics & Parts; 1 Years Labor

2. Best Walking Treadmill on a Budget – Horizon T101

Horizon T101 Best Walking Treadmill on a Budget
Where to buy Horizon T101
Where to buy Horizon T101

For walkers seeking a high-quality treadmill for just $649, the Horizon T101 is a top pick. A well-rounded machine in all respects, this foldable treadmill sports a running area of 20- x 55 inches, and can support up to 300 pounds in user weight. With an outstanding warranty and compatibility with numerous streaming apps and programs, the unit brings other comfort features such as Bluetooth speakers, energy saver mode, fan, a tablet rack, and a water bottle holder. Designed with three LED windows, the treadmill comes with five built-in programs, and offers display feedback for Calories, Distance, Heart Rate, Incline, Speed, and Time.

Key features of the Horizon T101 include a 2.5 CHP motor which powers a 0-10% incline and speeds up to 10 mph. Heart rate can be tracked using contact grips and can be transmitted to a number of independent workout apps. Bluetooth-enabled, the treadmill can pair with apps such as Peloton, STUDIO, and iFit, or be used with Netflix, Hulu or other streaming programs. Built to fold up and store when not in use, the treadmill also comes with a cushioning mechanism, and at only 180 pounds, can be easily moved about the home gym. Users can quickly shift through the workout programs with one-touch controls, and in addition to a built-in device holder, the machine also features a USB port for re-charging devices. Currently priced at $649 at Horizon Fitness with a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor, budget-conscious shoppers have a hard time walking by this treadmill. To read the full review of the Horizon T101, click here.


  • Great price
  • Lifetime warranty on frame and motor
  • Easy Folding
  • Shorter deck
  • Fewer built-in programs

Key Specs

Motor2.5 CHP
Incline0 — 10%
Running Area20″ x 55″
Top Speed10 mph
Weight Capacity300 lbs
Dimensions70″ L x 34″ W x 55″ H
ScreenThree LED Windows
WarrantyLifetime frame and motor, 1-Year Parts, 1-Year Labor

3. Best Under the Desk Walking Treadmill – Lifespan TR1200-GlowUp Under Desk Treadmill

Close-up of the Lifespan TR1200 under-desk treadmill
Where to buy Lifespan TR1200-GlowUp
Where to buy Lifespan TR1200-GlowUp

It’s a dream come true to the work-remote culture, and perhaps even upscale offices. The idea of having a treadmill which fits under one’s desk is just brilliant, and the Lifespan TR1200-GlowUp hits all the right marks in our book. The portable console is sturdy enough for long trips to fitness, and yet small and compact enough to be picked up and carried away. And with no assembly required, customers can literally roll it out of the box, plug in, and get to walking.

Priced at $1,499, this may seem high for an under desk treadmill considering the size. But really, these kind of treadmills are all about the convenience. The unit itself measures only 50 inches long and can slide underneath a desk with ease. Meanwhile, the console 12.5 inches wide, 3 inches deep, and 2 inches in height. The machine also features a safety mechanism which stops the rollers once the user steps off. With speeds up to 4 miles an hour, it’s a solid buy for the work-at-home crew.

All that said, while we feel the TR1200-GlowUp is the best of the under desk treadmills, keep in mind the entire category of these machines do have some limitations. The manufacturer recommends six hours or less of daily use, and the walking surface is only 20 inches wide by 50 inches long. Maximum user weight is 350 pounds, and that might be a deal-breaker for some potential customers. But for a unit that weighs less than 120 pounds and has a 2.25 HP motor, it’s a solid piece of fitness equipment. Entertainment-wise, there aren’t many bells and whistles as it’s built with the assumption that users will be standing over a computer desk.


  • Solid warranty and construction
  • Convenient size
  • No assembly
  • Only 4 mph speed
  • Limited features
  • Seems pricey for the options afforded

Key Specs

Motor2.25 HP
Running Area20″ x 50″
Top Speed4 MPH
Weight Capacity350 LBS
Dimensions63″ x 28.5″ x 7.25″
Screen12.5″ x 3″ x 2″
Warranty10 years frame, 1-Year labor, 2 years parts.

4. Best Walking Treadmill Desk – Lifespan TR5000-DT7

A side view angle of the TR5000 treadmill desk
Where to buy Lifespan TR5000-DT7
Where to buy Lifespan TR5000-DT7

And while one is checking out walking treadmills to fit under a desk, it makes sense to consider getting a package deal including the desk itself. For customers looking for that combo of a standing desk and treadmill, we’ve found the Lifespan series to be an incredible catalogue in that regard. Our pick for top model would be the TR5000-DT7. With pricing starting at $2,549, one of the things we really like about this desk and treadmill unit is how many options are afforded the customer.

Measuring 70.5 inches in length, the desk can be adjusted to 52 inches in height. Engineered with an internal cable system which connects directly through the frame, the desk prevents clutter. The unit also features an integrated armrest and console. In terms of colors, the desktop itself comes in any of seven colors, with two different options for the frame.

Meanwhile, the treadmill beneath the desk 2.0 HP motor capable of speeds up to 4.0 mph. With a walking area of 20 x 50 inches, the treadmill itself weighs 119 pounds, while the desk is 86 pounds. Maximum user weight is an impressive 400 pounds, and the console offers a readout of distance traveled, calories burned, walking time, and step count. For our complete review of the Lifespan TR5000-DT7, read here.


  • Among the most compact treadmills on the market
  • Great color options
  • Internal cable management
  • A bit pricey when considering the break-down
  • Only 4 mph speed

Key Specs

Motor2.0 CHP
Running Area20” x 50”
Top Speed4 MPH
Weight Capacity400 LBS
Dimensions70.5” L x 46.75” W
Warranty10 years Frame, 2 years Parts and 1 year Labor

5. Smallest Footprint – ProForm City L6

Where to buy ProForm City L6
Where to buy ProForm City L6

For most walkers seeking a treadmill for home use, space is indeed at a premium. And when space is tight, the ProForm City L6 not only brings the package, but at a great price with lots of bells and whistles. At $599, the treadmill comes complete with a free one-year subscription to the iFit Family Membership plan, valued at $468. That means the customer is getting the actual unit for true enough bargain we could’ve awarded the ProForm City L6 any number of high ratings.

With an easy-to-fold frame, the treadmill itself is only 29 inches wide by 70.25 inches deep and 44.5 inches tall. That said, it sports a 250-pound user weight max and only weighs 125 pounds itself.  The 17.5- x 45-inch walking surface is perfect for small spaces, and powered by a 1.6 CHP motor capable of speeds up to 8 mph. Complete with a built-in tablet holder, the Bluetooth-enabled machine comes built to work with iFit, meaning live trainers can control the mechanisms from remote. For more infomration on iFit for treadmills, read our review.

Buyers also get a 10-year warranty on the frame, which is quite respectable considering the maximum user weight of 250 pounds. For our complete review of the ProForm City L6, read here.


  • Purchase includes iFit subscription
  • Cushioning
  • Terrific price
  • Smaller motor
  • Shorter, albeit respectable, warranty

Key Specs

Motor1.6 HP
Running Area20″ X 60″
Top Speed8 MPH
Weight Capacity250 LBS
Dimensions70.25″ L x 29″ W x 44.5″ H
Warranty10-year Frame, 1-year Parts and Labor


What to Look for When Shopping for a Treadmill for Walkers

Comparing Treadmills for Walkers

If in pursuit of a treadmill for walking, as opposed to running, one will notice there is indeed a plethora of options on the market. Frankly, one might wonder whether a treadmill just for walking even makes sense. But the value to having a treadmill is in the convenience. One can use it day or night, rain or shine, hot or cold. And with the growing number of features available on even the smallest of units, walking might not seem so much a chore any more.

When comparing treadmills for walking then, one wants to consider the price and size, as well as motor speed. Whereas a treadmill for running requires a tread belt long enough to stride outward, the walker’s gait is much shorter. Motor size is also key here as we recommend a minimum of 3.0 HP for those wanting to run with any level of intensity. Meanwhile, motors 2.0 and under are plenty powerful enough to handle a walker’s gait, even if speed walking. Runners need higher mile-per-hour ranges, whereas walkers would be quite hurried to hit the 5-8 mph zone. And so, when comparing treadmills for walking, make sure these considerations are in play. Prices are coming down across the industry and options increasing.

Another consideration of course is entertainment. Numerous workout apps exist for runners, walking apps are also out there but not as plentiful. The good thing about a folding treadmill for walkers is that if need be, the user can roll it in front of their television set at minimum, or simply wear headphones.

All that said, keep in mind when searching for treadmills that intended use is key. There’s probably no reason to spend thousands of dollars on a treadmill for walking when those higher-dollar units are built with long bouts of marathon pounding in mind.

Ideal Sizes for Walking Treadmills

Consider the gait of the walker in question. Even the tallest walker won’t reach out as far as a runner. This means one can save on some space here with a shorter unit. This is great news when considering a home treadmill in general as the larger machines take up more space. Do look at the maximum user weight though as this is not only a must for the walker, but it’s also an indication of overall durability. Some of these smaller treadmills only offer a 200+ pound limit, meanwhile the larger machines go up to 350+. Most home treadmill footprints are around six feet long and three feet wide, but those built exclusively for walking can be significantly smaller, meaning the proposed placement in the home is also a factor.

And while making these considerations about sizes, do consider that folding treadmills require different space than fixed units, and there’s always other machines to consider too.

  • Folding Treadmills are a great deal for those that want to save space, and as one can see, they are now available in a variety of different quality levels and price ranges. Once upon a time, only cheap machines were built to fold, but we’re now seeing the variety of folding units increase each year. Consider that the best folding treadmills can be used for all kinds of cardio, including walking, light jogging or running.
  • Treadmill alternatives should also be considered if space is a top priority. Unique machines that take up very little space and typically combine the action of a treadmill, elliptical, and stepper to give you a great all-round, non-impact workout. These types of machines can be found at both moderate and high price points and can be a great match for those who are really tight on space or those looking for a low-impact cardio workout.

Which “Bells and Whistles” Matter to You?

This touches somewhat on budget, as one typically expects to pay more money for more features. But in some cases, walkers might just want as plain a unit as possible without too many extras. Whether an integrated tablet-holder is important or not is up to the individual, same as read-out screens. To that degree, the variety of workout apps compatible with the treadmill also differs between these brands and price ranges.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I buy a treadmill for walking?

For many people, walking may be the best and most easily accessible form of exercise. If you're tight on budget and don't need an advanced treadmill with all the bells and whistles, invest in one that's great for walking that you can use all year round.

Are treadmills expensive?

It really depends on the features you're looking for in a treadmill. For walkers, this could range from a few hundred dollars all the way up to the thousands.

Will a treadmill fit in a small apartment?

Treadmills for walkers can be small enough to fit under a desk. So, yes, there are many compact models available that should fit in smaller apartments if you're tight on space.

What is a good treadmill speed for walking?

Two to four mph is typically the average walking speed, while four to five mph is a power walk or light jog.

How long should beginners walk on a treadmill?

Beginners could start by walking for five minutes at two to three mph as a warm-up, then continue to fifteen minutes while gradually increasing their pace.