NordicTrack Incline Trainer X9i Review

Treadmills Editorial Team | Last Updated - Jul 14, 2021
Editor's Rating: 9.7/10
Update: This model has been discontinued. To find a suitable replacement, check out our treadmill finder here.
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UPDATE: The Nordic Track x9i Incline Trainer has been discontinued

The NordicTrack X9i Incline Trainer is one of our favorite cardio trainers. To support rapid weight loss, this special treadmill has a dramatic slope range of -6% to 40%. Whether walking or jogging with a steep slope, you can burn calories up to five times faster than flat training! Enjoy the fitness benefits of running without the harsh impact on your joints.

Other highlights of the X9i Incline Trainer are 44 workout apps, optional iFit Coach integration, and a wireless heart rate monitoring system.

The X9i is one of three NordicTrack Incline Trainer models. It’s a mid-level option and a big step up from the entry-level X7i in terms of console electronics. On the other hand, it’s not as powerful as the top-of-the-line X11i. Basically the X9i is an impressive option for power walking and jogging, while¬†the X11i is the best Incline Trainer for those who frequently train at higher speeds or are especially heavy.

Full price for the new X9i is $2,499 but Incline Trainer discounts of $700 or more are common. This model carries a standard five-year parts and electronics warranty and is sold with a money-back guarantee.

What We Like:

  • Incline and Decline: Lose weight, achieve great tone, and get excellent cardio workouts all at once. The X9i’s not-so-secret key for success is the power-adjustable ramp with settings from -6% to 40%. Walking on the X9i at 40%, your body will naturally burn calories about five times faster than when walking flat. Another benefit of that incline is how it lets you focus on different parts of your legs for targeted muscle toning. The decline training (which isn’t available on many fitness machines) works those same muscle groups in different ways.
  • Lower Stress on Joints: Compared with regular treadmill training, incline training is easier on your knees because of how it shifts your body weight. Additionally the NordicTrack X9i features Reflex cushioning. Running with this cushioning is better for your joints and lets you exercise comfortably for longer time periods. But if you prefer a more natural ‘on-the-road’ running sensation, you can deactivate the cushioning. This option is especially useful if you’re training for an outdoor race.
  • Touchscreen with Internet Browser: The new NordicTrack X9i has a full-color 7″ touchscreen display for viewing 44 preset workouts and the Internet. Check the news, your email, and social media as you work out. This modern screen also makes it easy to integrate the iFit Coach app with your workouts.
  • Preset Programs: The X9i arrives with 44 workout programs built into the console. Each program was designed by a certified personal trainer to focus on calorie burn, incline training, speed or intensity. Samples of iFit workouts are also included.
  • iFit Coach Enabled: Virtually train almost anywhere with iFit Coach! iFit Coach is a comprehensive fitness app that can stream to the X9i’s high-def console. With a household subscription you can take advantage of unlimited workout program downloads, a digital workout calendar, personalized health advice, and other useful features. The unlimited workout downloads include personalized workouts that adjust the X9i’s incline/decline and speed as recommended by iFit’s team of experts and Google Maps workouts that adjust the track to mimic topography. An infinite number of map routes include Google Street View too, which shows in HD on the X9i console or your own mobile device. You can also use iFit’s online library of HD video workouts created with celebrity personal trainers.
  • Large Belt: The X9i Incline Trainer has a roomy 22″ W x 60″ L workout surface. There’s plenty of room to swing your arms and take full walking strides.
  • Quiet Deck: Incline Trainers are equipped with WhisperQuiet deck technology. This absorbs sound from each step you take.
  • High Quality Motor: The 3.0 continuous horsepower motor is commercial quality and has a lifetime warranty. It responds quickly but quietly to changes in incline and speed.
  • Heart Rate Monitors: A chest strap is included for wirelessly monitoring your heart rate. Contact pulse sensors are built into Incline Trainer handlebars as well.
  • Sound System: Keep pace with your favorite tunes. The X9i has a smartphone-compatible port and a set of 3″ speakers.
  • Tablet Shelf: See your own tablet computer at eye level with the X9i’s adjustable-angle computer ledge.
  • Large Roller: To promote the machine’s longevity and quiet operation, NordicTrack runs the X9i Incline Trainer’s belt over a 2.5″ roller. That’s a spec shared with high-end commercial treadmills.
  • Great Warranty: This cardio trainer’s standard warranty package provides lifetime coverage for the frame, deck, and track motor; five years for parts and electronics; and two years for labor. Extended service warranties are available.

NordicTrack Incline Trainer X9i Treadmill - Key Specs:

Star Rating:4.85-stars
Motor:3.0 HP
Incline:-6 to 40%
Running Area:22" x 60"
Top Speed:12 MPH
Weight Capacity:300 LBS
Dimensions:70.2" L x 39.6" W x 71.6" H
Built-In Programs:44
What We Don’t Like:

  • The Price: Full price for the X9i, $2,499, puts the machine outside of many shoppers’ budgets. Thankfully with NordicTrack’s frequent online specials, you can often order this unit for as low as $1,699.

Our Verdict:

The X9i is one of the best cardio trainers on the market for serious walkers. It shares many specs with high-end treadmills, makes the most of your time through efficient calorie burn, and offers many of extras for motivation and training guidance. However, if you plan to train at higher speeds, the X11i could serve you better in the long run. Each model of Incline Trainer carries a great warranty package and is an excellent value when on sale. This isn’t a machine for budget or space conscious customers who are building their first home gym. Nope, this is a luxury machine for serious trainees and they won’t regret the purchase.

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This model has been discontinued.

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