ProForm Pro 1000 Review

Editor's Rating: 6.1 /10
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The ProForm Pro 1000 is a roomy but foldable treadmill built for power walks, jogging and running with up to 12 percent incline. This model’s value can be especially high for walkers and joggers aiming to exercise for weight loss and weight maintenance. Specs include a 60 inch x 20 inch track with 1.9″ rollers, a 3.0 CHP motor, a top speed of 12 mph, 22 built-in workout programs and iFit readiness. Built-in workouts are shown on a 6-inch backlit display. For iFit access some ProForm treadmills have built-in display screens and others work only with a separate monitor. With the Pro 1000 Treadmill, iFit workouts can be accessed in full color on the trainee’s own tablet computer. (iFit subscription required.) Just like the traditional built-in programs, iFit program downloads can control the speed and incline of the treadmill. Additionally the iFit workouts created with Google Maps technology can virtually immerse you in settings around the world, adjusting the treadmill’s tilt to replicate the landscape (up to 12 percent incline) and showing streaming Google Street Views to match your workout pace. This treadmill provides plenty of room for running and can be folded after workout time to save floor space. It has EasyLift Assist so that folding requires minimal effort; most work is accomplished by hydraulics.

What We Like:

  • High Speed: This treadmill can support easy strolls or your fastest sprints. Its maximum speed is 12 mph.
  • Workout Variety: Twenty-two workouts designed by a certified personal trainer help trainees target calorie-burn, speed and distance goals. Additionally the Pro 1000 Treadmill is iFit Ready. Connect a smartphone or tablet computer with iFit subscription to download new workouts anytime! Choices include “Powered by Google Maps™” trails that you design, video workouts with celebrity personal trainers, customized treadmill routines based on your personal fitness goals, and challenges from the iFit member community.
  • Automated Incline: The incline feature helps you burn calories more efficiently and target-tone different muscle groups. Just push a button and the track will tilt up to 12 percent. It can also adjust automatically along with workout programs.
  • Track Cushioning: The standard ProForm cushioning, ProShox, absorbs significant impact through the deck. Running on treadmills with ProShox cushioning reduces the stress on joints by up to 28% compared with exercising on pavement.
  • Audio: Stream your favorite music through the Pro 1000’s Intermix Acoustics speakers. Playing music with the right tempo can help keep your motivation high and lower your perceived exertion level.
  • Workout fan: A two-speed CoolAire fan helps keep your body temperature regulated during workouts.
  • High Capacity: The Pro 1000 Treadmill can safely hold up to 325 pounds.
  • Warranty Package: Customers who shop factory-direct get a lifetime frame and motor warranty, a three-year parts warranty and one year on labor.
  • SpaceSaver Design: To free up floor space when the treadmill’s not in use, the Pro 1000 deck can be folded upward with hydraulic assist.

ProForm Pro 1000 Treadmill - Key Specs:

Star Rating:3.05-stars
Motor:3.0 HP
Incline:0 - 12%
Running Area:20" x 60"
Top Speed:12 MPH
Weight Capacity:325 LBS
Dimensions:79.62" L x 36.63" W x 59.25" H
Built-In Programs:22
What We Don’t Like:

  • Grip Heart Monitor: The pulse sensors built into ProForm treadmill handlebars are often criticized by customers as un-useful because they’re not hospital-grade accurate. Using a wireless heart rate monitor along with this treadmill is recommended.
  • Quality:  The rollers aren’t so large and the track is just single-ply and requires regular lubricating. This treadmill can be a great value for a single user but won’t hold up for more than a couple of years if used regularly by a whole family.

See ProForm’s Video of the Pro 1000

Our Verdict:

The ProForm Pro 1000 offers a convenient way for people weighing up to 325 pounds to exercise indoors. It’s loaded with programming (including optional iFit) and has an incline to add resistance for great muscle tone and faster calorie burn.