Landice L870 Executive Trainer Home Review

Editor's Rating: 8.0/10
Update: This model has been discontinued. To find a suitable replacement, check out our treadmill finder here.

The Landice L870, a home treadmill, features an oversized frame that’s built to meet commercial standards. The addition of the Executive Console makes this a luxury fitness machine – perhaps too luxurious for practical home use. Its aircraft-quality aluminum frame is sturdier than steel, its deck leads the industry in durability, and its shock absorption system makes treadmill running even lower-impact than running on grass.

This model, like the smaller L770, is available with four console options. The Executive Trainer console reviewed here is the top-of-the-line model.

What We Like

  • Executive Trainer Console – The Executive Trainer’s motivating full-color display shows computer-animated video graphics that simulate beautiful running routes. The console can save statistics for five trainees and includes the following workout options: five preset workouts with variable time, speed, and elevation; five user-defined programs; time, distance, and calorie goal programs; six fitness tests; two preset heart rate monitoring workouts; and four user-defined heart rate workouts. Wireless and contact heart-rate monitoring systems are standard.
  • High Quality Treadbelt – The Landice L870 Executive Trainer Treadmill has a spacious 22”x63” running surface to accommodate virtually any trainee. Its belt is made to endure: with four layers and large rollers, it can endure thousands more hours of use than can a single-ply or two-ply belt with small rollers. Furthermore, the L870’s belt is maintenance-free.
  • Incline – The track can incline 15% to help simulate road running and provide more challenging workouts.
  • Powerful Motors – This model houses an American-made 4.0 CHP drive motor. The motor supports a high speed of 12 mph and can operate at top speed (5 HP) for 15 minutes without overheating. The L870 also has a powerful secondary motor for the incline. With 1,000 pounds of thrust, it provides smooth elevation and declination even at top speeds.
  • iPod Pocket – A special iPod-sized non-slip pocket is built into the console for convenience.
  • High Capacity – The Landice L870 Pro Trainer Treadmill has a 500-pound user capacity. It weighs 355 pounds and measures 35” wide by 83” long.
  • Excellent Warranty – Residential owners of this commercial-quality Executive trainer get a lifetime warranty on the entire machine plus a year of labor. That’s an industry-leading warranty package. Furthermore, the warranty can be transferred to another owner if certain conditions are met.

Our Verdict

The Landice L870 Executive Trainer is a luxury treadmill from a well-respected fitness brand. Its only drawback is that it’s too good for most customers; the high weight capacity and extra-large running space aren’t needed and only add to the sticker price. Most customers judge the L770 to be a more appropriately-sized option than the four-star Landice L870.

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