Bowflex Treadmill 10 Review

Editor's Rating: 8.9 /10

This Treadmill Could Be For You If You Want:

  • Incline and decline options for training
  • A smaller screen for interactive programming
  • An interactive training app like the Bowflex JRNY program
  • A bluetooth heart rate monitors

The 2022 lineup of Bowflex exercise equipment remains tech-strong and loaded with features, particularly in the case of the Treadmill 10. Designed to replace the discontinued BXT116 Treadmill and the BFX Results lineup, the Treadmill 10 offers a larger display and bigger tread belt just to start. Whether for a family with beginners or an advanced athlete looking for an indoor training tool, purchase of a Treadmill 10 comes with a one-year subscription to the JRNY Fitness app as well as compatibility with Zwift and a number of other online entertainment options.

Equipped with a 10-inch adjustable HD console, a powerful 4.0 HP motor, a folding frame, and belt cushioning system for the 22 x 60-inch running area, the Treadmill 10 does require a Wi-Fi connection to fully utilize its features. Both iOS and Android compatible, the machine sports a USB charging port as well. In addition to being Bluetooth-enabled, purchase includes an HR Armband and the machine comes with integrated contact grips. This treadmill also sports both a -5% decline and 15% incline option, with running speeds up to 12mph. It’s going to be hard to outgrow that.

Measuring 85 x 39.6 x 65.3 inches with a machine weight of 323 pounds, the Treadmill 10 can support users up to 400 pounds in bodyweight. Definitely a solid machine, Bowflex offers a 15-year warranty on the frame and motor, fives years for mechanical parts, one year for electronics, and two years for labor.

If you’re into interactive training, then a Bowflex machine might be for you. Their JRNY Fitness App does a great job rivalling the NordicTrack and ProForm lineup’s iFit program. To read our review of treadmills with iFit, check here. Meanwhile, the comparison/contrast is worthwhile, because while Bowflex machines don’t offer the same automatic trainer control that iFit does, they do bring unique partnerships with entertainment streaming companies like Netflix and Hulu. The Bowflex units are designed to be compatible with more apps and bring more diverse programming to your game.

If you’re like me and perform cardio for weight loss and strength training, then having that entertainment at hand can be a handy tool. I’ll often mix it up myself and watch television and my treadmill’s training routine simultaneously. The Bowflex Treadmill 10 brings a 10″ HD touchscreen, which is actually the perfect size for a lot of people. Granted, some like the giant 22″ monsters, but if you don’t want to pay the extra bucks associated with that, then check out the Treadmill 10 and the rest of the Bowflex lineup here.

  • Both incline and decline functions
  • Smaller screen than some rivals

What We Like:

  • Powerful Motor: A 4.0 HP motor is sufficient for hard work, whether running or High Intensity Interval Training.
  • Decline/Incline: The Bowflex Treadmill 10 offers a decline of -5% and incline of 15% which is in keeping with the top-tier home treadmill units on the market this year.
  • New 10-inch adjustable HD Touchscreen: Designed to not only keep track of user metrics, the console can also display Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and HBO Max as well as the JRNY Fitness app and Zwift.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: Both integrated contact grips and an included Bluetooth armband offer users a great way to monitor heart rate while training on the Bowflex Treadmill 10. While integrated grips are relatively common these days, the included armband is a plus, as is the programming with which it is designed to work.
  • Device Shelf & Charger: An accessory tray, built-in media shelf, and USB charging port are all included in this machine.
  • JRNY Fitness app: Purchase includes a one-year subscription to the Bowflex brand’s interactive training app, JRNY. With a dynamic library of routes and workouts as well as AI-training and adaptive coaching, the app is a big hit among users.
  • Belt: The 22″ wide x 60″ long workout area meets the standard for runners’ treadmills in 2022.
  • Sufficient Speed: With a maximum speed of 12mph, we feel this model will suit beginniners through advanced users.
  • Folding Frame: To help make the most of your living space, you can fold up the Bowflex Treadmill 10 in between workouts. The deck can easily be pushed upward. When it’s released, it drops softly to the floor.
  • Max Weight: With a maximum user weight of 400 pounds, this machine can handle most potential users.
  • Warranty: The Bowflex Treadmill 10 warranty is superior to the average this year.

Bowflex Treadmill 10 Treadmill - Key Specs:

Star Rating:4.45-stars
Motor:4.0 HP
Incline:-5% - 15%
Running Area:22" x 60"
Top Speed:12 MPH
Weight Capacity:400 LBS
Dimensions:85" L x 39.6" W x 65.3" H
Built-In Programs:0
What We Don’t Like:

  • Large Footprint: Buyers should definitely take some measurements of their rooms while considering this machine. Also keep in mind it weighs 323 pounds by itself. Hauling this up to a second floor bedroom, or placing it on flimsy flooring might be tough without forethought.
  • No built-in programs: Unlike many of its predecessors, this model does not come pre-loaded with treadmill workouts. If a user quits the JRNY Fitness app and doesn’t want Zwift or another of the online apps, there are no built-in routines.

Our Verdict:

The Bowflex Treadmill 10 is part of brand we know quite well. Their treadmills are highly rated and we think the Treadmill 10 is going to fare well going forward. The next up model by Bowflex is the Treadmill 22 and while it does offer a larger 22-inch screen and some other features, frankly we feel for the average user the Treadmill 10 is probably more prudent pick. If users intend for it to go into a second story apartment do keep in mind it is a heavy machine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Bowflex Treadmill 10 work without a JRNY subscription?

Yes, the treadmill can work in manual mode. A Wi-Fi connection is required to register the machine, but after that it can be used offline.

How much does a JRNY Fitness app subscription typically cost?

The app typically costs $149 per year.

What are the biggest differences between the Treadmill 10 and Treadmill 22?

The Treadmill 22 features a 22-inch adjustable HD touchscreen instead of 10-inch, a 20% incline instead of 15% and it's a slightly taller unit.

Is the Treadmill 10 difficult to assemble?

It's a big unit and we would recommend taking Bowflex up on its offer to assemble for you in-home. If you do go it alone, you'll need a few friends. Not a complicated process, but the parts are heavy.

Does the Bowflex JRNY App work on other devices?

Actually it's designed to work with any Bowflex machine and has a number of programs you can do alone, or at the gym.